On 28th of Jul, 2018, Peace Advocacy and Gender Empowerment agency (A new upcoming NGO working on peace, Advocacy and empowerment) organized and conducted Awareness Campaign on Menstrual Health, Female Genital Mutilation and year 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with YALI east Africa, Women Deliver and Global Science University in Galkayo, Somalia. The event was held at Global Science University hall and was attended by 40 people from Ministry of women affairs in Puntland, prominent Gynecologist doctor in Puntland DR. Abdikadir Mohamed Jama, different agencies working on menstrual health, medical students, women, girls, boys and men within the community. The campaign was conducted with an aim of raising awareness on FGM, Menstrual health and 2030 SDGs for youths in Galkayo and most importantly change attitudes of youths to stop FGM and be ambassadors of FGM activist and agents in the community. After the event people were able to understand the menstrual cycle process, ways to manage hygiene during the menstrual cycle and most importantly on menstrual materials to use during the period. The participants were sensitized on female genital mutilation (FGM) its means and forms, the short and long terms effects, the prevalence in Somalia and in Africa, the reasons why it’s practice in Somalia and the world and ways to tackle FGM in Somalia. The campaign ended successfully and PAAGE agency will continue to hold more campaigns to fight against harmful cultural practices, provide workshops on sustainable ways of development in the community and capacitate women, girls and youths individually through mentoring, Peace and advocacy training, volunteerism, leadership, political and economic development training among others. During the event, HEDHI Menstrual cups was introduced to women and girls to start using alternative sustainable cups which is cheaper compared to others in longer time.


Menstrual and Reproductive Health Education sessions photos.


FGM Sensitization: Education on how to eradicated and stop FGM in Somalia. #ENDFGM


2030 (SDGs Awareness): Awareness on #17 Sustainable Development Goals. photos


Introduction of HEDHI Menstrual CUPS: photos

A flexible cup designed to collect the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it.


By: Bisharo A.Hussein

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